Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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  1. hi,good morning,i hope you give some informations for the crystal report,and how i can dispaly it in crystal view if i want display just some lines between two date that i give,and thank's a lot

  2. Could please tell me if we can declare n variables in a constructor

  3. it's very usefull for us.
    but i have one que. which r explain in below.

    Que : i have two C# page like page1.aspx and page2.aspx.
    In page1 login form which are redirect on the page2 if we can login otherwise it can't, i want create page2 which are must be require login otherwise it can't load anyway.
    can u help me plz?

  4. hi...,i hope you give some information for making button like
    before pressing, it looks normal but after pressed it looks like please wait...

    i need your help
    give some solution please

  5. Hey sanket,

    Use JavaScript for this scenario.

    Try to search online if not I will prepare a post for this question.

    Search for replace imagebutton by JavaScript.

  6. hi i wana code to retrieve data from sql server 2005 and display it on my webpage.
    i searched ur videos i coudlnt find one.reply me.thank you.