Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ASP Protocols

by Emmaneale Mendu, .Net Developer

The protocols are used to transfer the data, The protocols we can classify into two types.

(I) Low level protocols.

(II) High level protocols.

Low level protocols::

All desktop applications by default depending on the low level tcp/ip protocol, all low level protocols are stateful protocols. remembers all requests and response values, In the low-level valuesthe Network consumption is more decreasing the application performance, the low-level protocols are suitable for implementing. Single tire architecture projects, two tire architecture projects, three tire arch. projects.

High level protocol::

All web specifications by default depending on the http high level protocol, all high level protocols are stateless protocols, remembers only current request and current response values. In the high level protocols Network consumption is very less. So, high level protocols increasing the application performance, High level protocols are suitable for implementing entire architecture projects.

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