Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Started with Visual Studio

About visual studio .Net integrated development environment:
When we are installing 3.5 .Net framework Automatically getting visual studio 2008 version environment, Using this IDE we can implement all .Net tech, the microsoft given by default only three language features.

1) Visual c#
2) Visual Basic
3) Visual C++

Open visual Studio .Net

Click on Start menu --> programs --> microsoft visual studio 2008 -->Click

environment with start page

Start page having six recently opened projects.

Opening with form Application

Click on the file menu, select new --> click on new project

Getting new project window with two sub windows
i) project types window
ii) templates window

Project types window
It is having collection of .net languages select visual C# in the project types window

Templates window
This window having collection of selected language concepts, select win-forms application from the templates window.

Click OK, getting C#.Net windows application

In the windows form application getting pre-defined container called form, form container having collection of graphical user interface. As per .net framework all containers are classes.

In the form container we can add collection of controls, As per .net framework all controls are objects.

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