Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Add-In Manager in QTP

Add-In Manager in QTP enables to recognise the objects in the application based on the Add-In's.

Loading the relevant add-in enables QuickTest to work with the environment.

If the application is web-based application, then we should select a web add-in.
If the application is ActiveX application, then we should select ActiveX add-in.

Default Add-In's in QTP
1. ActiveX
2. Visual Basic
3. Web

Additional QTP Add-In support

  1. Java
  2. Oracle
  3. SAP Solutions
  4. .Net Windows
  5. Web Forms
  6. Siebel
  7. Peoplesoft
  8. Web services

What is an Object in QTP

Objects describes various fields and controls used to develop the user interface in the software application
Example of Objects: Text Box, Radio Button, Pull Down Menu

What is an Object Repository
Object Repository is a lace where we store information about the objects. In essence object repository is a DataBase for the Names and Properties of all the objects recorded during Test Script Creation.

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