Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introduction to Selenium

Selenium is open source testing tool which supports record and playback. You can export the recorded test to most languages - html, java, .net, perl, ruby etc.

Features of Selenium IDE

  1. Easy record and playback
  2. Statements use IDs, Names and XPath.
  3. Autocomplete for all Selenium commands
Selenium uses a language called selenese.

Selenium commands should be executed in Selenium IDE or Selenium RC.

Selenese consists of three types of statements:
1. Actions
2. Accessors
3. Element Locators.

Actions statements are commands used for performing action on a web application.
Open a URL
Click a link, button
Type text in the text field

Accessors statements are commands used for verification/validation.

store(locator, variable)
verify(locator, pattern)

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