Monday, September 13, 2010

Selenium - Get Browser Details

//To Get the name of the browser
System.out.println("Name of the browser used"+selenium.getEval("navigator.appName;"));

//To Get the code name of the browser using Selenium
System.out.println("Code name of the browser"+selenium.getEval("navigator.appCodeName;"));

// To Get the browser version using Selenium
System.out.println("browser version of the selenium"+selenium.getEval("navigator.appVersion;"));

//To Get the Operating System Details using Selenium
System.out.println(" "+selenium.getEval("navigator.userAgent;"));

//To Get whether the cookies are enabled in the browser
System.out.println("Cookies are enabled: "+selenium.getEval("navigator.cookieEnabled;"));

//To Get the Language Details of the Browser
System.out.println("Language used by the browser:"+selenium.getEval("navigator.userLanguauge;"));

//To Get Default language of the Operating System
System.out.println("Default Language used by the Operating System: "+selenium.getEval("navigator.systemLanguage;"));

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