Thursday, October 7, 2010

ASP Panel Server Control

This control is used to display a set of controls in one unit. It is basically a wrapper for other controls, enabling you will get group of server controls along with other elements like images etc.

The new feature in the panel control is the capability to scroll with scrollbars that appear automatically depending on the amount of information that panel control holds.

For a example below Figure shows where panel holds table control

<asp:Panel ID="Panel1" Width="100px" Height="100px" ScrollBars="Auto" runat="server">
This text is to test the scrollbar in panel control.
If this text extends the limit of the panel control
the scrollbars appear

You can add controls dynamically too.


Label lblMessage = new Label();
lblMessage.Text = "Hello I am new to Panel control";

That’s it a small explaination on panel control keep reading.

Emmaneale Mendu
Web Developer

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