Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keyword View

When you create a test, QTP Creates a graphical representation of the steps you perform on your application. These steps are displayed in Keyword view tab.

Keyword view shows object hierarchy in an icon-based table.

Keyword view enables to view the tests of your test in a keyword-driven, modular, table format. Each step is represented as a seperate row in the table.

The columns in the Keyword View show different information for each step, as follows:

  1. Item: Test object, utility object, function call, or statement in a hierarchical icon-based tree.
  2. Operation: Operation to be performed on the item, Ex: Click or Select.
  3. Value: Argument values for the selected operation, Ex: mouse button to use when clicking the image.
  4. Documentation: Auto-documentation of what the step does, in an easy-to-understand sentence. Ex: Click "findFlights" image.
  5. Assignment: Assigning a value to or from a variable (not visible by default.)
  6. Comment: Textual information regarding the step, (not visible by default.)

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