Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Low Level Recording

  1. For recording on environments or objects not supported by Quick Test.
  2. When you need to record the exact location of the operation on your application screen. While recording in normal mode, Quick Test performs the step on an object even if it has moved to a new location on the screen. If the location of the object is important to your test, switch to Low Level Recording to enable Quick Test to record the object in terms of its x- and y- coordinates on the screen. This way, the step will pass only if the object is in the correct position.
  3. In this Quick Test records all parent level objects as Window test objects and all other objects as WinObject test objects. They are displayed in the Active Screen as standard Windows objects.
  4. It supports the following methods for each test object:
    WinObject test objects: Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type
    Window test objects: Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type, Activate, Minimize, Restore, Maximize
  5. Each step recorded in Low Level Recording mode is shown in the Keyword View and Expert View. (Analog recording records only the one step that calls the external analog data file.)

To record an application using Low Level Recording,
click the Low Level Recording button or choose Automation > Low Level Recording

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