Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recording Modes of QTP

Recording Modes in QTP

  1. Normal Recording: Records the objects and the operations performed on them. (default mode)
  2. Analog Recording: Records the exact mouse and keyboard operations you perform in relation to either screen or the application window. In this recording mode, Quick Test records and tracks every movement of the mouse as you drag the mouse around a screen or window.
    This mode is useful for recording operations that cannot be recorded at the level of an object, for example, recording a signature produced by dragging the mouse.
  3. Low-Level Recording: Records on any object in your application, whether or not Quick Test recognizes the specific object or specific operation

Both Analog & Low-Level Recording requires more disk space

Guidelines for Analog and Low Level Recording

  1. Use analog recording or low-level recording only when normal recording mode does not accurately record your operation.
  2. Analog recording and low-level recording require more disk space than normal recording mode.
  3. You can switch to either Analog Recording or Low Level Recording in the middle of a recording session for specific steps. After you record the necessary steps using analog recording or low-level recording, you can return to normal recording mode for the remainder of your recording session.

Normal RecordingAnalog RecordingLow Level Recording
Records Objects Information based on Test Object ModelRecords Mouse Movements respect to window or screenRecords All Objects as windows or win objects
Records Keyboard InputsRecords Keyboard InputsRecords Keyboard Inputs
Records Mouse ClicksRecords Mouse ClicksRecords Mouse Clicks with coordinates
Object Information is stored in Object RepositoryIt Can't record Object InformationRecords object information in the form of window or win objects
It is possible to edit scripts after recordingNot possible to edit the scripts after recordingIt is possible to record scripts after recording
Recording a Signature is not possibleAlternative mode for recording signatures
Recorded steps will run correctly on all objectsWhen we are recording with respect to window, the window object information will stores in object repositoryRecorded steps may not run correctly on all objects
Support all methods for every object Support the following methods for each test object
Win test objects: Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type
Window Test Objects: Click, DblClick, Drag, Drop, Type, Activate, Minimise, Restore, Maximise
This is a Default Recording Mode

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