Monday, February 21, 2011


QC is developed by Mercury Interactive Owned by HP Presently.

Quality Center is a Web Based Test Management Tool. QC is formally known as Test Director.

Quality Center provides:

1. Common Repository

2. Automatic Traceability Matrix

3. Bug Tracking Facility

4. Automatic Reports and Graph Generator

The following activities can be managed or organized using Quality Center:

1. Requirements Coverage

2. Test Case Management

3. Test Execution Reporting

4. Defect Management

5. Test Automation

Quality Center can be divided into parts:

1. Site Administrator Bin

2. Quality Center Bin

Site Administrator Bin: This part is used for all the administrative activities. From this part of the Quality Center, we generally do the following activities.

- Creating the projects

- Assigning users to the projects

- Creating specific roles

- Configuring QTP or Win Runner Scripts

- Verifying licencing information

- Information about Database

Quality Center Bin: This part is used by testers or test manager. From this part of Quality Center, we generally do the following activities.

- Defining Requirements

- Creating Test Plan

- Creating Test Cases

- Creating Test Lab

- Creating Defects

Microsoft Quality Center is installed as a service in Microsoft Windows Environment. Before Start working on it, make sure that microsoft quality center service is running.

Microsoft Quality Center provide role based access to the projects. For example, Test Manager can create a project, Test Lead can create test plan and tester can write test cases.

Quality Center can be divided in to 6 sections:

1. Business Component

2. Requirements

3. Test Plan

4. Test Lab

5. Defects

6. Dash Board

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