Friday, July 29, 2011

CoolTuts - General Help - Free Gifts from BING, Get rewarded for doing what you love

Are you interested on Receiving some rewards.

So here Bing as introduced a new Reward pattern for the internet users. Everyone knows about Bing cash back program. Microsoft killed cash back program to introduce BING REWARDS program. Here you need not shop anything to get rewarded just you need to do search search search and get rewarded its really true.

Live Example:

Take me as a live example, In December 2010 i received an Bing usb for searching do you beleive that. I advertise/explained about i earn my Bing USB to my collegues at my work location in a week or So every employer in my team as registered in Bing Reward Program. You wont beleive what happened next, 3 to 4 months later One by One coming to me and telling me that they got $10, $20 Amazon Gift cards. Are you Excited to get this rewards to your Home. So join the Bing Rewards today and search search search. Do what you do daily.

You will see a caption


Every humanbeing who serve internet love searching online on this earth. So doing what you love and extra gift will be gifted too by Bing(Powered by Microsoft).

So my friends, If you have any questions regarding this bing rewards. You are always welcome to ask me.

Emmaneale Mendu
Programmer / Blogger

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