Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CoolTuts - AS400 - Commands

On the AS400 every file is in a library. The data in the file is actually stored in the individual member. Typically a file has only one member and it has the same name as the file.

Clear Physical File Member - CLRPFM: Removes all the data from the specified member of a physical file.

Display Physical File Member - DSPFM: command used to display the data in the member of the file.

Change Current Library - CHGCURLIB: Lets you specify a different library to occupy the spot of current library in your library list

Edit Library - EDTLIBL

Read and Process - SQL Statements RUNSQLSTM Reads and Process the SQL Statements stored in source member

RGZPFM Reorganizing a physical file

Work with Object - WRKOBJ
To list all the files in library MyLib that start with A

To look through all libraries for the file named A


Work with all members in the file and library: Type WRKMBRPDM on the command link without specifying any parameters and press Enter.

Work with specific list of members: Specify parameters after WRKMBRPDM

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