Thursday, April 14, 2011

CoolTuts - General Help - MS Word Shortcut Commands

Ctrl+a = Selects or highlights all of the document
Ctrl+b = Bold - applies bold to highlighted characters
Ctrl+c = Copy - copies highlighted text to the Clipboard
Ctrl+d = Font change - opens font dialog box
Ctrl+end = Jump to end of open document
Ctrl+f = Find, displays Find dialog box
Ctrl+h = Replace - open Replace dialog box
Ctrl+home = Jump to beginning of document
Ctrl+i = Italics - applies italics to highlighted characters
Ctrl+k = Clear all character styles (bold, italics, etc.)
Ctrl+l = Link - displays Link properties dialog box
Ctrl+m = Mail - opens Mail window
Ctrl+p = Print
Ctrl+r = Reload current document into Edit window or browser window
Ctrl+right or left arrow key = jump one word to the right or left
Ctrl+s = Save current document
Ctrl+t = Apply fixed width character format to selected text
Ctrl+u = Underline - applies underline to highlighted text
Ctrl+up or down arrow key = jump one paragraph up or down
Ctrl+v = Paste text from Clipboard at the insertion point
Ctrl+w = Close current document
Ctrl+x = Cut out highlighted text & place a copy on the clipboard
Ctrl+z = Undo last action
Esc = Close a dialog box without performing any action
Shift+arrow key = Highlight text
Shift+space = Non-breaking space, to insert

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