Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cooltuts - General Help - Outlook Shortcut Keys

Alt+s = saves and closes
Ctrl+shift+k - opens new task
Ctrl+shift+n - opens new note
Ctrl+shift+m - opens new email message
Ctrl+shift+a - opens new appointment
Ctrl+f - forwards as an email message any current email/contact/calendar entry/task/note
Ctrl+shift+e - creates a new email folder
Ctrl+shift+v - moves emails between folders
Ctrl+shift+c - opens new contact
Ctrl+shift+i - moves to the email inbox
Ctrl+shift+q - opens new meeting request
Ctrl+shift+f - opens window for advanced find
Alt+g - brings up category menu when creating tasks.
Type the first letter of the category, hit the space bar and then enter (to select the category without using the mouse)

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