Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Requirements describe in detail what needs to be tested in your application and provide the test team with the foundation on which the entire test process is based.

You define Requirements by building Requirements Tree. This is a graphical representation of your requirement specification, defining your requirements hierarchically.

Requirement Specification Module helps in:
1. Grouping and sorting requirement in a tree
2. monitoring the task allocation
3. monitoring the progress in meeting requirements
4. generating detailed graphs and reports.

Major tasks under Requirement Specification Module are
1. Defining Requirements
2. Viewing Requirements
3. Modifying Requirements
4. Converting Requirements

To define requirements, you need to follow the following steps
1. Open the project
2. Click on requirements button on the side bar

Steps to Create a New Requirement
1. Select the root requirement and click on "New Requirement" button
2. Enter the Name of the Requirement and Select the Requirement Type and click on "OK"
3. Add details to the Requirement and click on Submit

Adding a child Requirement
1. In the requirements tree, select the requirement
2. Click the New Requirement button
3. In Create New Requirement box, enter the requirement name and select the requirement type

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