Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quality Center - Test Plan

After you define the requirements, you need to determine the testing goals. To do this, we need to examine the application, system environment and testing process, to outline the testing strategy for achieving the gols.

Testing goals are build into a Test Plan tree, which hierarchically divides your application into testing units, or subjects. Each test unit will consists of test steps.

For each test step, you specify the actions to be performed on the application and the expected result.

To keep track of the relationship between your tests and your requirements, you can add links between them.

After you design your tests, you can decide which tests to automate. When you automate a test, you can generate a test script and then complete it using other HP testing tools. (QTP or WinRunner)

This module is used for designing the Test Cases and to store the Test Scripts.

Test Cases can be mapped with requirements, which are created. Each Requirement can be mapped with one or more test Case.

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