Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is ASP.NET?

  • ASP stands for Active Server Pages
  • ASP.NET is the name of the MICROSOFT technology used for web site development.
  • There are several other technologies exist for web development.
  • ASP.NET is the technology from MICROSOFT and it is widely used one.
  • ASP.NET is not ASP. ASP.NET is an entirely new technology for server side scripting. It was written from the ground up and is not backward compatible with classic ASP.
  • ASP.NET is NOT a programming language like C# or VB.NET.
  • ASP.NET development requires a programming language like C# or VB.NET to write code.
  • ASP.NET technology comes with a rich set of components and controls that make the web development very easy.
  • Visual Studio .Net is the editor from MICROSOFT which helps you develop ASP.NET sites faster
  • IIS(Internet Information Syatems) is the web server from MICROSOFT which supports ASP.NET. To develop ASP.NET web sites, you must have IIS installed in your computer.

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